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An Agnostic's Guide to Heaven by Tim Bedore


My name is Tim Bedore.  I'm sorry for not knowing your name but that is the nature of the internet.


I suppose you've made it this far because you are searching for something.  Maybe that something is an answer to one of life's big questions.  Maybe you want someone to tell you it's OK to skip Sunday mass.  Maybe you want someone to help you get out of a relationship or find a career path that is more satisfying.  Maybe you're a golfer who wants help with your short game.  Well, you've come to the right place.  I can do all those things and more.  And we'll have a few laughs on the way, too.  


What are my qualifications?  Let's not worry about that right now.  If you subscribe to An Agnostic's Guide to Heaven you will hear all about my Catholic upbringing, my born-in agnostic world view clashing with their whole 'going-to-hell-if-you-don't-believe' thing and how I escaped the grip of the Church to come out the other end and thrive.  You'll hear why my life experience is the perfect background for a spiritually objective spiritual guru.  And, I minored in psych.  In short, you'll hear why I am just the guy for the job.


Please believe me when I say I am sincere and would never lie to you.  If I think you are not right for a job I will tell you.  I won't say "You suck at sales!"  But I will steer you as gently as possible into something else.  So, some of this is on you.  I can only help you if you are not a total knob.


Of course, if you follow my advice and end up in Hell (if there is one) because of it you or your heirs will receive a total money back guarantee.


Jul 21, 2021

This is the most stream of consciousness bizarre episode yet (my daughter brought home some edibles). Some of you complained I overuse sound effects so I used even more this time. A few also claimed I make up stories so I made some up to show what it would sound like if I did. Also, how use of cliches and global...

Jul 6, 2021

In Episode 56 I overuse sound effects to bring to life (or ruin) the story of the worst classmate I ever had and how a good teacher made a big mistake that almost got me killed.  Is life complex with myriad, sometimes conflicting issues driving the way we turn out?  I think so and this story demonstrates that...

Jun 12, 2021

In this episode I answer those angered by my saying God (if there is one) CAN'T have a plan for everything, what I learned from bricking up the entrance to my high school's library as a senior prank, why the smartest thing you can say sometimes is "I don't know," how I messed people up with bad advice, the Donner and...

May 29, 2021

One of you asked if God really has a plan for everything. I definitively answer that question- toes and ticks and Lyme disease are involved and I discuss why I learned to drive in a stolen car, the last time I was stoned, why I may need to wear Maharishi type robes instead of pants, how Covid vaccines given to India...

May 10, 2021

Today I apologize to the whiny Dutch, examine group stereotypes after golfing with a Japanese guy, help a client who wonders if getting a "special" massage once a year equals cheating on his wife, ponder the dangers of an overly "woke" culture, look at why Americans are genetically uptight and the French didn't want to...